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Celebrity Moms - What do these 5 Moms do to Stay Healthy Life Style

How do they do it? I mean, how do these female celebrities look so amazing after having children? They must be the lucky winners of some sort of genetic lottery, right? Wrong. Look, it’s no secret that many celebrities have personal trainers and private chefs on speed dial, but they’re human and have to follow the same basic principles as the rest of us when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Check out some tips from Hollywood’s sexiest moms!


Gwyneth Paltrow

Teatox Tea MateFit Gwyneth Paltrow
Long and lean, we all love Gwyneth’s swan like physique. So, how did she get it, and more, maintain it? First of all, she eats a clean diet. She avoids gluten and dairy at all costs. Like they say, abs are made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen, and dairy is one of the main culprits of bloat! As far as her workout, she subscribes to the Tracy Anderson method. The fitness guru has a slew of workout DVDs (major bonus for those of us with kiddos still at home) that focus on small muscle groups for a tighter, leaner look. Super convenient and very popular in Tinseltown.




Gwen Stefani

Teatox Tea MateFit Gwen Stefani
This muscular momma has abs for days and arms that would make Madonna jealous. The Harajuku girl says that she prefers to workout in the gym. Pilates and yoga are not her thing. She lifts weights with a trainer to build her strength, which also accounts for her perfectly defined physique. Luckily, for those of us who can’t afford a trainer or who have no time to leave the house, there are dozens of online trainers that post full workout plans for FREE.





Miranda Kerr 

Teatox Tea MateFit Miranda Kerr
What an angel…really, she’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel. It’s not difficult to see why with that amazing body she’s carrying around. So, how does she get it? Well, even though other mom’s on our list have ditched the low impact workouts for something more intense, Miranda says that she’s been an avid yoga student for the better part of 10 years. She practiced throughout her pregnancy and continues to do so well after.





Michelle Obama

She could be called the First lady of Fitness with her determination to end childhood obesity and her willingness to perform pushups on national television. Mrs. Obama admitted that after having children it was difficult to get back into a fitness routine. Wow, celebrities. They’re just like us. But, Michelle doesn’t attribute her fitness levels to specific types of exercise. She credits getting up at all in the first place! The longer you wait around the more likely you are to find a reason not to get moving. First thing in the morning, have scheduled mommy time. Start with whichever workouts you enjoy most. This will help kick start your fitness plan.




Teatox Tea MateFit Beyoncé
Boy, where do we begin? First, let’s start with something juicy. The Queen B has admitted that she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy. That’s no small peanuts! And, no doubt, probably close to something a lot of us experienced. Thanks to some hard work and a plant based diet, Yonce bounced back in no time. She followed the Power Moves philosophy, created by Marco Borges, which focuses on the four most utilized joints in the body: elbows, knees, hips and shoulders. Creating moves which combine all joints at once has proven effective in the case of Beyoncé. The book is sold on Amazon so you don’t need to spend beaucoup bucks to see results. Even though we see celebrities and think they’ve got it easy, just remember that they too have to put in hard work to achieve their desired aesthetic. You can do it too! Make time for yourself, plan ahead and reward yourself along the way for a job well done.


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