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Importance Of Cleaning Your Colon

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"-Virginia Woolf

If our body is a tree, then our colon would be the roots of it. Our colon absorbs all the nutrients that pass through it, so if your colon is clogged then that would be like not changing the water of your rose stem(Yuck!). To achieve free  flowing nutrients through your colon, you need to cleanse every 3 months. By doing this you will remove all the unhealthy and colon clogging bacteria, and have a healthy non-toxic digestive system.  

Since the modern human is used to eating highly processed foods that are laced with chemicals and preservatives, most people today have an unhealthy colon. To have a healthy colon, we need to remove all the unhealthy and colon clogging bacteria. At first removing unhealthy bacteria may be taxing on your digestive system. Once they are dead, your digestive system will want to quickly flush them out of your body.  At this stage you will feel bloated, stomach cramps and finally relieving yourself. This process is called Herxheimer reaction. You should not confuse this with getting sick, it is actually a sign that your colon is getting healthy.  Because of this, MateFit Detox is recommended to be used every other day, so your daily activities are not affected.