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Follow this simple diet plan while using MateFit products and watch your body become the healthy and productive body you always wanted... and deserve!

The Big Three


Sleep 6-8 hours per night. If you are getting less than 6 hours of sleep, you will start to see every opportunity as an opportunity to catch a rest. Your brain is temporarily taken over by a feeling of reward. It sends out dopamine to your attention, motivation, and action regions of your brain. While this is happening, your pineal gland secretes melatonin signal, expecting you will give into your brain's want. Because of this stress, your sympathetic nervous system is probably freaking out, making your heart rate go crazy, and your HRV (helps regulate your level of stress and calmness) is in a horrible state. Your heart gets stuck at a higher rate which will make you physically anxious and angry. All this heart activity shuts down your pre-frontal cortex, because your body thinks you are under threat. And our pre-frontal cortex is our impulse control region in our brain.


Get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Regular exercise will not only improve your physique, heart and lungs, it will also improve your mental ability. Exercising has shown to help improve older adults' mental performance - more specifically their fluid intelligence and decision making ability. Plus, you just ‘feel’ better when you are active.


Reducing toxic agents is critical to creating a healthy body and mind. Simply put, don't eat foods that have been drenched in preservatives and chemicals, try to eat raw as much as you can. Also, limiting the amount of alcohol, salt, sugar and processed foods in your diet can accelerate your health and wellbeing.


Workout = 3x per week
Cardio = Everyday (at least 2x per week)

The MateFit Workout

This workout is designed to be a fast and efficient way to lose body weight and fat. It will help reduce subcutaneous fat by promoting the release of growth hormones in the blood.

Cycle 1:

Squat Jumps (15-20)
Plank (30-45 seconds)
Wall Sit (30-45 seconds)
Push-Ups (10-15)
Rest (30-45 seconds)

Cycle 2:

Side Plank (30-45 seconds)
Squat (15-20)
Jumping Jacks (20-25)
Tricep Dips on Chair (15-20)
Rest (30-45 seconds)

Cycle 3:

Reverse crunches (15-25)
Jumping Jacks (20-25)
Squat (15-20)
Push-Ups (10-15)
Rest (1 minute)

Week 1:
2-4 cycles per workout
Week 2:
3-5 cycles per workout
Week 3:
4-6 cycles per workout
Week 4:
5-6 cycles per workout


MateFit Cardio

Start with 2 rounds. Keep adding 1 more round per week.

  • Warm Up for 5 minutes
  • High Intensity for 1 minute (Intensity Level 9-10)
  • Medium Intensity for 2 minutes (Intensity Level 5-7)
  • Cool Down for 5 minutes (Low intensity)

*If you have any physical conditions, please ask your doctor for permission and/or guidance.

The MateFit Diet

  • 30 grams of 100% Whey protein when you wake up
  • Drink MateFit Metabolic Boost in the morning and 15-30 minutes before any solid meals
  • Eat 5 meals daily (every 3-4 hours)
  • Drink a glass of water before and during meals
  • Drink MateFit Detox every other night before bedtime
  • Drink your meals Day 1 of every week (see below)
  • You can ‘cheat’ one meal a week (we recommend having your cheat meal after a workout)
  • For the first few weeks try to eat any combination from the shopping list below.

Weekly Shopping List

Choose three of these:
Green Grapes
Daily Weekly:
2 / 7
10 grapes / 2lbs
5oz / 2lbs
3 / No Limit
2 Cups / 10 Cups
Choose any of these:
Bell Peppers
Daily Weekly:
No Limit
No Limit
.5 / 4
No Limit
No Limit
Choose one:
Daily Weekly:
20-30 almonds / 1 bag
Choose one:
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Daily Weekly:
1/2 can / 1 can
1/2 can / 1 can
Choose any of these:
Chicken Breast
Wild Salmon
Whey Protein
Daily Weekly:
6oz / 2lbs
6oz / 2lbs
1 Cup / 1 package
60 grams per day
Avoid these foods:


First Day of Every Week


Grapefruit, orange, grape and whey protein smoothie


Kale, spinach, melon, almond and whey protein smoothie


Apple, melon, grape and whey protein smoothie