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MateFit Teatox Becomes Industry #1

Health supplement company MateFit has a reason to celebrate as their Teatox program has become the number one product in the detox and supplement industry.

32,000 Reviews

The MateFit 14-Day Teatox program has taken the USA by storm, with over 325,000 loyal customers, including several celebrity fans. However, MateFit are even more impressed with the fact that 32,000 people have now taken the time and trouble to review their Teatox products, a record for the detox and supplements sector. This level of customer loyalty has been vital in promoting the Teatox program and allowing it to achieve its number one status, as consumers now look to reviews to help them make informed purchase decisions. MateFit’s products just keep coming out on top!

Celebrity Endorsements

The MateFit Teatox program received another boost recently when it became the official herbal tea partner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization. UFC star  athletes Benson Henderson and Chad Mendes are among the celebrity sponsors of the program. MateFit products have also received high profile celebrity endorsement in music videos by Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea, as the worlds of sport and showbiz discover the secret that many of the public have already uncovered: the MateFit Teatox program is a natural and effective way of losing weight and gaining energy.

Detox the Natural Way

The MateFit 14-Day Teatox program is based on a combination of two herbal teas; MateFit Detox and MateFit Metabolic Boost. Both these teas are scientifically formulated to assist weight loss and contain only 100 percent natural ingredients. Taken together as directed by the Teatox program, and combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, they can help you maximize weight loss, in addition to increasing your energy levels, boosting your metabolic rate and reducing bloating and puffiness.

In a recent MateFit online survey, 93 percent of consumers said they would recommend the Teatox program to family and friends. 88 percent reported feeling less bloated, and 84 percent considered it the best detox product.

MateFit also strive to keep their product as the cheapest Teatox program available, with the 14-day Teatox program currently retailing at $23.99 with FREE shipping throughout the USA.

About MateFit

MateFit is a leading supplier of health supplements, herbal teas and fitness apparel, based in St Louis, Missouri. They make all their health products in the USA.

MateFit is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, aiming at all times to offer the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. 32,000 reviewers can’t be wrong! Check out the full range of MateFit products and reviews at www.matefit.me