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Detox Tea TeaTox Tea for Men and Women + Helps Weight Loss + 100% Money Back Guarantee + Flushes out Toxins + Relaxed Mood + Clean Colon + Supports Immune System + Remove excess water + 100% Natural MateFit Detox herbal tea + Burn calories + Reducing the Craving for sugar + Providing antioxidant + Supporting healthy cholesterol + levels And Increasing physical performance + Improving mood and attention
MateFIt will empower you to control your diet , through its powerful mixture of holistic herbs and root powders
TeaTox Detox Tea MateFit ULTIMATE 28 Days + Helps Weight Loss + Flushes Out Toxins + Relaxed Mood + Clean Colon Immune System + Provide antioxidants + Focus + Supporting Healthy Cholesterol Levels + Supports Immune System + Remove Excess Water + Reducing the Craving for Sugar + Burn Calories + Increasing physical Performance + Improving Mood and Attention




About Us MateFit.com

Modern Herbal Tea-Infused Health & Wellness

MateFit's goal is to bring you the healthiest and most natural supplements available. Our tea is combined with a large variety of different fresh herbs and spices to create a potent mix that can assists you on the path to a healthy body.

We take our Booster and Detox teas seriously, which is what drives us to buy from only the best suppliers in the business. As your wellbeing is our passion and determines our success, we only put our stamp on products that we stand behind 100%.

Where Do We Call Home?

We’re from St. Louis MO USA, and proud of it.

What MateFit Does for Your Body

The main ingredients in our Metabolic Booster blend are organic yerba mate, oolong tea and gunpowder tea (green tea). Oolong and gunpowder tea has EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) which decreases fat absorption and increases fat burn (oxidation) along with body temperature.

  • When you combine caffeine and EGCG they significantly increase fat burning (metabolic output) by 9% when not exercising. When you take it while exercising, it bumps up to 17%!
  • We added yerba mate because when higher levels of caffeine are combined with EGCG it becomes impossible to enjoy the benefits. Yerba Mate changes the chemical dynamic so even though it has natural caffeine, it’s not enough to get in the way.

Our detox will flush all the impurities out of your body, cleansing your liver, kidneys, blood and colon. The combination of Metabolic Boost and Detox will help you lose weight and feel super charged simultaneously while getting rid of toxins.

MateFit's Ingredients May:

  • Increases metabolism*
  • Increases fat burning and energy synthesis*
  • Regulates sugar cravings*
  • Improves ratio of good cholesterol*
  • Reduces blood pressure*
  • Improves digestion function*
  • May improve your sense of wellbeing*

Let’s Talk Antioxidants & Free Radicals

Whenever we eat packaged foods (additives, preservatives and potentially trace amounts of pharmaceuticals or unnatural toxins/chemicals) or even breathing in the city air, our body is under attack by pollutants.

These pollutants are sometimes referred to as free radicals.

Free radicals are attracted to your cells because they have an incomplete structure. In this search they attach themselves to our cells and steal cellular material (some scientists claim this is one of the main reasons why we age). If free radicals are allowed to roam freely in your body, you risk different types of afflictions and diseases. A stressful life, unhealthy diet drastically compound the danger.

Luckily, antioxidants like the ones we use, fight free radicals and lower your cellular stress levels. By consuming more antioxidants, you promote a healthy body and better quality of life.

Is MateFit Safe?

Yes indeed! We’re talking 100% natural ingredients used for hundreds, if not thousands of years by our species. Many independent scientific journals and research institutes have proven the safety and efficiency of ingredients in our blend.

Keep in mind that this formulation contains components that may trigger side effects, especially when mixed with other supplements or medications. For these reasons, you should consult with your doctor.


Which is the best Teaaox?

MateFit is the best Teatox based on the customer reviews overall 32,000 reviews.

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About LyfeTea.com

Lyfe Tea is a company with the concept of letting you be the most beautiful you ever. We want you to feel fabulous! It is our goal to help our customers live a healthy life by creating a healthy lifestyle.  Our products are designed with the richest ingredients that are filled with important bodybuilders which help to eliminate fat while improving one's overall body function.  Our teas are rich in antioxidants. They help one's ability to focus while aiding with physical endurance. While the tea will help in controlling one's weight, it will also aid in circulatory function. It will ultimately rid the body of wasteful toxins while rejuvenating it's cellular structure. 




About SlimmingSolutions.com

At Slimming Solutions, we are completely focused on the quality of our products and our customer relations. Our reputation has grown in our 15 years of trading and we understand the need to provide our customers with top quality, competitively priced products that bring about good results. 85% of our orders are from repeat visitors to the site or from word of mouth recommendations.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Same Day Dispatch
  • Easy Returns
  • 15 Years in Business
  • Next Day Delivery Available
  • Info and Orderline 9am to
  • 5pm Monday to Friday
  • Secure Website



About Tetox.de

 questions and answers Here you can find answers to your questions about our teas, Order and delivery as well as for companies TEATOX. If you do not find the answer, you'll welcome to write a message and we will get back to you. Questions about our teas and preparation 1. Are TEATOX teas certified organic? 2. What does it mean that TEATOX-Tees no flavors are added? 3. How does the water quality affects the taste? 4. How long and at what temperature water a tea should draw? 5. When acting a tea calm when animating? 6. At what time I should drink what TEATOX tea? 7. How do I dispose of the packaging TEATOX teas most environmentally friendly? 8. In the event that TEATOX teas to Arzneimitteltees? 9 influencing your teas, the effect of the birth control pill and can I make this consume during pregnancy and lactation? 10. Are your teas suitable for children? 11. How do I store your tea is best? Questions about the order process, for payment and delivery Questions about cancellation, delivery problems and Returns Questions about us and our company


About Bootea.coteatoxshop.comm

We are a passionate health & weight loss company that strives to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. By assisting customers with their overall health and wellbeing, we have managed to ship to over 1 million customers in just under 3 years.


We believe being healthy is a lifestyle choice. Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle whilst upholding a busy routine can be difficult and that’s where we can help.


We will never promote or encourage our customers to go on a ‘diet’ as we believe (in fact we know) that healthy eating is a lifestyle and not a short term fix. We have never and will never portray any of our products to be a ‘magic formula’ to meet your weight loss goals. As with anything, balance is key and we’ve got you covered with a free, flexible eating plan and a step by step 12 week fitness plan.





There is more to tea

Michael and Felix have been friends since their school days.
 They discovered their interest in tea during a joint exchange in Asia.
 In Germany, where a strong tea culture never really properly took off, and dust seemed to gather in tea bags, the two were constantly on the lookout for new and exciting tea compositions. Later, Michael studied in Taiwan where he was given the opportunity to obtain deep insight into traditional Asian tea culture and the natural effects of tea with the help of a Zen Buddhist monk. Felix, on the other hand, kept himself awake in Argentina with Mate tea.

Impressed by the versatility and the wide range of ways to use tea as well as the associated preparations rituals for each of them, the two decided to start a tea brand after their studies. The focus was to be on both the various powerful effects as well as the special moments of enjoying tea. TEATOX was the result, and it represents high quality organic teas with particular effects.






Fit Life Tea's mission is to inspire and enable healthy living and happiness throughout the world.

We didn’t start with a business plan. Instead, we asked ourselves, what matters most?

Answer: Feeling happy inside. Living healthy. Cherishing and changing the world in the same way we become fit, a little at a time.

That’s how we came up with the idea for a company that creates organic tea blends designed around potent beneficial ingredients.

We source all natural herbal organic ingredients that emphasize health, functionality and authentic results.

And we did it without trade-offs, because we refuse to sacrifice quality, delicious taste or evocative aroma.

Side-by-side comparisons show Fit Life Tea is more delicious tasting and fragrant than anything else we’ve found.

Learn more about the Fit Life Team here and feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.





Our Story

At SkinnyMint we celebrate the joy of being healthy and gorgeous, in spirit and body. We are passionate about creating unique and extraordinarily effective concepts that can truly make a difference in your life. We don't want to sell a product, we want to give you a lifestyle which is healthy, natural and sustainable.

Our products contain all natural ingredients that are carefully selected, sourced, blended and packaged by our expert partner in Germany, keeping finest quality and sourcing the best ingredients. Our goal was to create the most effective 28 Day Ultimate Teatox.

Our Mission

Because healthy living goes far beyond the body shape, we want our customers to discover the benefits of eating clean & exercising regularly which guarantees a positive mindset for happy living.

From the production in Germany, to the packaging in Singapore, we are all united around one mission: help our customers to achieve feeling, thinking and living better.

We believe in what we do and are proud of our products.


Gorgeousness is a way of life:

     “Dare to Imagine

       Dare to Change

       Dare to get Noticed

       Dare to do More

       Dare to do All

       Dare To Be Gorgeous

So let today be the Day One of your transformational journey!

To experience the SkinnyMint gorgeousness, click here.