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That's what MateFit Teatox Company's driving force is Our Loyal Customers, means "You are the P.R.O.U.D Member and Sponsor of Ultimate Driving Team"  to build 32,000 Reviews overall to MateFit Teatox Company.

What you get with every 28 Day Ultimate Teatox for Weight Loss product?

60 Cents/Cup Sale 28 Day Ultimate Teatox with 9,000 Reviews enhanced formula that helps to detox your body to lose weight fast and get skinny, Cleanse, Improve Health from Mate Fit Tea

  • Day time Tea Metabolic Boost 28 X 2  = 56 Cups ( 70 Grams X 2 Pouches = 140 Grams )
  • Night Time TeaDetox Tea  = 14 Cups ( 35 Grams X 2 Pouches = 70 Grams ) Total : 70 Cups, it cost 60 cents per cup
  • Loose Leaf Tea Bags 2 X 40 = 80 Count ( 2 Boxes with each box 40 count of tea filters )



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